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Clocktower PropertiesTM is a residential and commercial real estate management company. Located in the Clocktower Building in booming Downtown Brooklyn, we specialize in repositioning undervalued properties, land assemblage, waterfront development, and historic preservation.


A well-established family business, Clocktower Properties has participated in the redevelopment of Brooklyn and the rehabilitation of Brooklyn properties for more than 25 years. Our portfolio now extends well beyond Brooklyn, and includes residential and commercial properties in historic Kingston, New York; waterfront property in the Caribbean; and land in the Western United States.


In addition to our real estate interests, we also have a significant collection of historic motorcycles, cars, and boats. Please see our additional collections below.

About Clocktower Properties

Fleet Obsolete was founded in 2005 by former peace corps officer Robert Iannucci. The main focus of Fleet Obsolete is to rescue and restore at-risk historic WWII era PT boats. Our historic collection of vessels is located in Kingston, New York on the Rondout. The fleet consists of WWII era PT boats as well as historic tugboats.

Team Obsolete is the world’s premiere historic racing motorcycle team. Backing the only American (Dave Roper), and only Matchless G-50 to ever win at the Isle of Man (1984 Historic TT), and winner of countless other historic races in the U.S. and worldwide. Team Obsolete continues to preserve and maintain a stable of the most exotic motorcycles to ever grace the tracks of the Grand Prix circuit.

The Historic Kingston Waterfront Group is pleased to introduce its barge accessible industrial waterfront assemblages on Kingston NY harbor. The Group owns four (4) assemblages which total some 100 acres, of which 33 acres are along almost two miles of waterfront in the geographical heart of the Hudson River Valley.